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What Must I Reveal About The House On The Disclosure Statement In Florida?
Written by Chris Logan on November 15th, 2017
If you are looking to sell a home in Florida it's important that you make certain you disclose any issues that exist in the home that could have a significant impact on its value. You need to do this not only because it is the ethical thing to do, you must do it also because failing to do so could end up being very costly for you.homeowners who were less than honest would often take steps to hide problems in a home that would normally cause its value to decrease. Then the home buyer, unaware of these problems, would purchase the home only to later find out that they have paid too much given the condition of the home they purchased.
Anything That Is Not Visible To The Naked Eye Must Be Listed On A Disclosure Statement !

The problem with the old method of allowing a homeowner to sell a property as relates to the fact that in many cases there can be significant problems with a home that is not visible to the naked eye. For example, there could be damage to the foundation of the home or some other type of structural defect that would be hard to detect without a very thorough inspection. There could also be plumbing issues or problems with the wiring or HVAC in a home. These are all the types of issues that could be very expensive to repair, and also very difficult to detect without a detailed home inspection. While a buyer can hire a professional to do a home inspection before making an offer on a house, there's only so much that even a professional can spot during a walk through. This is why the law in Florida has changed and now offer more protection to buyers.

Disclosing Problems With Your House Will Result In Less Problems .
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While you may not like the fact that you have to disclose issues with your home that could bring down its value, the reality is that this really is the best way to go about selling a house. There are definite problems you are going to end up facing if you fail to list anything on the disclosure statement that will impact the value of the home you are selling. Even if the sale goes through, at some point the new owners are going to end up finding out about the problems with the house. They will then likely call in a professional to evaluate these problems. The professional will then be likely to inform them that the problem has been present for a while, which means that the problem was there when they bought the house.
Now comes the bad news. Since the problem was present when you sold the house, you are probably going to end up in court. If it is found that you knowingly hid defects in the house you were selling you are going to end up footing what could become a very pricey repair bill. The point here is that you can choose to disclose issues with your home up front so that the buyer is aware of the problem. They may ask for repairs or may choose not to buy the house at all. But if you don't disclose problems you are aware of then you are going to end up paying for them anyway. So do the right thing and avoid a lot of long term hassles, make sure you are honest on your disclosure statement when selling a home in Florida.

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