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Seller's Market Vs Buyer's Market. What's The Difference? 
Written by Chris Logan on October 23rd, 2017
Understanding the difference between a seller's and buyer's market is important for anyone interested in either selling or investing in real estate. 
Generally speaking, you need to do your best to sell a property in a seller's market, and buy during a buyer's market. Now there are going to be situations that arise where you can't wait for the perfect time to buy or sell, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you have the ability to wait before making your move until the timing is right, it can mean a significant financial advantage for you. Selling during a seller's market will almost always give you a higher selling price, and buying during a buyer's market will almost always give you the lowest price on your investment.
The Diffence Between Seller's and Buyer's Market
  •  Seller's Market: A seller's and buyer's market are both a product of supply and demand. In a seller's market, the demand for homes will be greater than the supply. When this happens prices are driven up. Prices are driven up largely because buyers are willing to pay more for a home because they know that finding another one is going to be difficult. This is especially true if a buyer really likes a home and knows that the chances of them finding another at this price level isn't likely to happen. The other reason that buyers are more likely to spend more and act quickly is that they know there's a good chance that there are other people interested in buying the same property. If they don't act quickly and make a good offer on a property, they are probably going to miss out. If you are a seller then this is the ideal time to sell a home because it represents the best chance of getting top dollar for the property you are selling.

  •  Buyer's Market: On the opposite end of the spectrum is a buyer's market. During a buyer's market, there are going to be more houses up for sale that there are people to buy them. When this happens prices are driven to lower levels. Since sellers realize that it's hard to attract buyers they are much more likely to offer better prices as well as negotiate about other matters related to the house they are selling. For example during a buyer's market someone interested in buying a home may be able to ask for certain things that a seller would never agree to during a seller's market. For example, a buyer could ask the seller to cover all of the closing costs, or they could ask for repairs to be done or a lower price in lieu of having those repairs done. Since attracting buyers is difficult a seller is more likely to agree to these requests than they normally would be. While these types of requests can cost them money, it can be more costly for them to have to wait longer before selling the home. So if you are looking to buy a home then waiting for a buyer's market is your best option.
Making The Right Decision For Your Situation .

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Supply and demand is everything when it comes to buying and selling anything including real estate. When you have more buyers out there than you have property for sale, then this results in prices going up during a seller's market. On the other hand when you have more properties for sale than you have buyers, then this results in a buyer's market where prices are driven down. It's not a complicated dynamic to understand, but it's an important concept if you have any type of dealings in real estate.

Now before you make an ironclad decision to wait for the market to be in your favor, you need to remember that there are always exceptions. For example, if you are selling a home and keeping it until the market shifts to a seller's market it's going to be a burden, you might want to cut your losses and sell the home now with a cash buyer like Rise Real Esate Group. Instances, where this may be the case, include if you have a rental that you cannot find tenants for, if you have inherited a home, or if you no longer live in the area and don't want to deal with the hassle of renting a home. As a buyer, you generally want to wait until the real estate market is in your favor, but there are exceptions of course. If you find your dream home and don't mind paying a little more for it, then this would be an example of when you would make an exception.
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About Author: Chris Logan

Chris Logan is the co-founder of Rise Real Estate Group.  He is happily married, Christian and also a fitness buff.  When he's not flipping houses, he and his wife Heather enjoy volunteering with their church and traveling. 
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