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Proctecting Your House During A Hurricane.
Written by Chris Logan on September 7th, 2017
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preparing for a hurricane is not exciting.  it can be overwhelming, stressful, frustrating and the thought of the approaching storm can even be scary at times.  however, it's important to focus, act and not react and keep a clear mind, so you can take care of the necessary items needed to get ready to weather out the storm or secure it before evacuating.  

While there are things that will be beyond your control due to the unpredictable nature of a hurricane, there are many things you can do to give your home the best chance of surviving the storm with as little damage as possible. 

HOWEVER, EVEN WITH PROTECTIVE MEASURES, if there is a huge storm surge and widespread flooding where your home is, THEN ASIDE FROM HAVING FLOOD INSURANCE PROTECTION, there is only so much you can do to protect your home. With that being said the smart move is still to do everything in your power to prepare your home for the STORM. Here are quick tips to prevent damage to your home during a hurricane: 
Preventing Damage To Your Home During A Hurricane.

Where Do I Start?

The first thing you need to do to protect your house during a hurricane is fairly simple, you need to protect your windows. During a hurricane the winds alone can break windows, so when you combine those winds with the different things that will by flying in them you have a perfect recipe for broken windows. During a hurricane the high winds turn everything into deadly projectiles, and glass windows don't do well when they are struck by high speed projectiles. The simplest and most effective way to protect your windows is to simply board them up. Plywood is ideal since it is inexpensive, and it's large dimensions means that you can cover your windows quickly. While storm shutters are great, many homes don't have them which makes plywood the best option. 

You'll also want to secure any loose items on the outside of your house such as gas grills.  You can either secure them to the house with bungie cords or you can move them into the garage and secure it there. 

What's Next? 
Make sure to keep your trees trimmed. A large tree that is blown over during a hurricane that lands on your house will cause a huge amount of damage. The best way to prevent this from happening is to plan ahead of time and make sure that there aren't any large trees near your home. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes then it's a good idea to cut these trees down ahead of time. You'll want to do this early, as if there is a storm approaching quickly, and there are large trees surrounding your home, then cutting them down probably isn't going to happen. Cut down as many large branches as possible. This will cause the high winds to have less of an effect on the tree, which will lessen the likelihood that the tree will be blown down.

Anthing Else?
The last thing on the list is to secure your doors. Ideally you will already have heavy duty doors with dead bolts, and in most cases this is enough to resist the winds of a strong hurricane. If you want to add extra protection you can always nail pieces of wood over your doorway. You can do this on the outside in the event that you are evacuating, or you can do it on the inside if you are planning to stay inside and ride out the storm. 
Just make sure that if you are staying in your home that you leave tools near the doors and windows where you can easily find them. This will enable you to get out quickly should the need arise. Now, to keep the water out in case of a flood you should prepare with sand bags. Stack sandbags along the door ways and the garage outside (to be extra casious the inside as well) to keep water from intering your home.

If you have sliding glass doors, as an added measure of security, you can get Gaps And Cracks to seal off the bottoms and sides of the doors to prevent water from entering your home.  

Tampa Bay Sand Bag Locations:
*West Service Unit - 9805 Sheldon Road in Tampa 
*South Service Unit - 8718 Old Big Bend Road in Gibsonton
*East Service Unit - 4702 Sydney Road in Plant City

The county will halt sandbag distributions at 4 p.m. on Thursday due to depleting supplies. Officials said they expect to resume on Friday, September 7, after they receive more supplies. Confirmation will be announced at a later time.

*Westside Government Center State Street at the publix works
*Pasco County Fire Station 10  7918 Rhodes Road  Hudson
*Pasco County Fire Station 17   2951 Seven Springs Road NPR
*City of New Port Richey Public Works Department  Pinehill Road

For More Locations Check In With Your Local News Station or Local Sheriff Office.
Lastly, if you are planning to evacuate and you have gas appliances make sure to turn off the gas before you leave.  

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About Author: Chris Logan

Chris Logan is the co-founder of Rise Real Estate Group.  He is happily married, Christian and also a fitness buff.  When he's not flipping houses, he and his wife Heather enjoy volunteering with their church and traveling. 
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