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Do You Need Probate If A Spouse Dies In Florida?
Written by Chris Logan on September 27th, 2017
Do You Need Probate If A Spouse Dies In Florida?
Do you need probate if a spouse dies in Florida if you want to sell a house now? In most cases the answer to this question is going to be no. As long as the spouse who has passed away was the co-owner of the home in question then the surviving spouse becomes the sole owner of the property. PROBATE IN FLORIDA exists to transfer ownership of assets to heirs, such as children when a parent passes away. When the surviving spouse is the co-owner of a home then this isn't an issue and the title should simply transfer over to them. The only thing that will need to be done is to have a title company change it so that they are the sole owner now that their spouse has passed away.
Should I Sell My House If My Spouse Passes Away?
As hard as it is, only you can make that decision.  However, we have found that when one spouse passes away the surviving spouse often feels like their world has been turned upside down. This is especially true if the couple were older and had been married for a long time. Suddenly the surviving spouse now lives alone and in many cases, this is far from ideal. Not only will living in the home they once shared with their spouse bring up a lot of emotions and memories, in many cases, they really don't need to live in a large home as a single person. In some of those cases, it goes a bit further and the surviving spouse really can't handle the upkeep, this is especially true if they are in the later years of their life. Sometimes, it really is in the best interest of the surviving spouse to sell their house now, allowing them to transition to the next chapter of their lives with peace. 
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Rise Real Estate Group is a well-respected real estate company pays cash houses in any condition. If you are trying to sell your house quickly, then a cash buyer is your best option.  Why? Well on the flip side, selling a house through Realtor can be very expensive.  When you take this route, you must wait to list the property and for buyers to become interested. Then, once you have a buyer you're waiting again for them to get qualified for a mortgage (the purchase is contingent upon this). 

In short, it can take a long time for the house to sell, which prolongs the grieving process.   If you don't have time to wait then selling your house for cash to Rise Real Estate Group is an option you should consider.  If you are a son or daughter helping your parent that has just lost their spouse then freeing up the money they have in their home's equity can really help. Those funds could be used to help cover the expense of an assisted living facility or even to cover the expense of moving them into your home. If you want to sell a house fast in Florida, then give us a call today - we'd love to hear from you. 
In This Video We Ask An Attorney, "Do You Need Probate If A Spouse Dies In Florida?"
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About Author: Chris Logan

Chris Logan is the co-founder of Rise Real Estate Group.  He is happily married, Christian and also a fitness buff.  When he's not flipping houses, he and his wife Heather enjoy volunteering with their church and traveling. 
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