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Can You Sell Real Estate Before Probate In Florida?
Written by Chris Logan on October 18th, 2017
Can You Sell Real Estate Before Probate In Florida?
Can you sell a house before probate in Florida? When many people inherit a house they want to sell it quickly for a number of reasons. Those reasons can include not wanting the home to sit vacant, not wanting to deal with the hassle of leasing it, and wanting to divide up the equity in the house to the different heirs listed in the deceased's will. There may also be other financial incentives for selling quickly such as needing the money tied up in the home's equity to pay expenses related to the funeral or other bills. 
Unfortunately the answer to this is no.
While these are all valid reasons to want to sell real estate before probate in Florida, the fact remains that you can't do it. You have to wait for the probate process to complete so that all creditors for the deceased's are addressed, and to ensure that the money they left behind is properly split up among the people named as heirs in their will.
What Can I Do To Speed Up The Process Of Selling The Home That I've Inherited?
Even though you can't sell real estate in Florida before the probate process has run it's course, there are steps you can take to help speed up the process. For one thing if there are a number of heirs you can all choose to appoint one in the group to act as power of attorney. This allows decisions to be made quickly without the need to go back and talk and plan as a group. You can also have the person who has power of attorney negotiate a sale of the home to a buyer before probate. The way this works is that the buyer is informed that the house will not be sold before probate, so they will have to wait to take ownership of the property. But you can make an agreement with them to sell as soon as probate closes. This allows you to sell the home right away instead of having to go through the normally long process of selling a house.
Selling To A Cash Buyer Is The Fastest Way To Sell A Home Quickly
If your plan to sell the home in question involves negotiating its sale before probate closes, then the best option for you is to deal with a cash buyer. A cash buyer is generally a company that is looking to buy homes and then turn around and sell them making a profit in the process. It's going to be extremely difficult to find someone looking to buy a home to live in that will wait for several months. On top of that since you can't list your home for sale while it is in probate you are going to have a hard time even finding a buyer in the first place.
So obviously the only viable option you have, if you want to sell a home as quickly as possible, is to contact a cash buyer (Rise Real Estate Group). They will then make you an offer, and you can negotiate an agreement that can put the actual sale on hold until probate has closed. By following this process you can work toward selling the home you inherited as quickly as possible, which will then allow everyone involved to move on.
In This Video We Ask An Attorney, "Can You Sell Real Estate Before Probate In Florida?"
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