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Rise Real Estate Group is Tampa Bay’s premier local home buyer. Whether you are going through a divorce, inherited property, filing bankruptcy or even behind on taxes – we’ll help you out of your headache, work on your timeline and give you CASH for your property so you can move on from your unwanted property with peace. 
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I Need To Sell My House Fast In Tampa! Here are 3 Simple Steps To Selling Your House FAST In Any Market
Written by Chris Logan on July 8th 2014
It’s no secret that deciding to sell your house today can be a difficult decision. If you are considering selling your house there are some things you need to know before you sell, that if you know these things can help you get top dollar for your house...
How To Make Your Home Worth More And Sell Fast
Written by Chris Logan on August 30th 2017
How can I make my house worth more and sell fast? That's a question many people have when they make the decision to sell their home....
What's A Pre-Foreclosure? How We Can Help!
Written by Chris Logan on September 4th 2017
What is a pre-foreclosure? That's a question that many homeowners who are behind on their payments may be wondering....
Protecting Your House Durring A Hurricane.
Written by Chris Logan on September 7th 2017
Preparing for a hurricane is not exciting. it can be overwhelming, stressful, fustrating and the thought of the approaching storm can even be scary at times... 
Do You Need Probate If There's No Will In Florida?
Written by Chris Logan on September 13th 2017
Learning about probate in Florida will enable you to follow the proper procedures when the time comes to deal with the property left behind when you have lost a loved one....
Selling A House In Bankruptcy In Florida.
Written by Chris Logan on September 18th 2017
If you are looking to sell your home while filing bankruptcy in Florida there are a few things you need to keep in mind. During the bankruptcy process things will be more complicated than they would under normal circumstances when it comes to trying to sell property....
What are some benefits of selling my house to a cash buyer ?
Written by Chris Logan on September 21st 2017
If you want to sell a house fast then your best option is to work with a company like Rise Real Estate group that willmake you a cash offer for your home...
Selling Your Home During A Divorce In Florida.
Written by Chris Logan on September 25th 2017
You can sell your house during a divorce in Florida so that you and your soon to be ex spouse can take care of the financial aspects of getting a divorce and then move on with your lives. Under normal circumstances selling a home is a fairly straightforward procedure...
Do You Need Probate If A Spouse Dies In Florida?
Written by Chris Logan on September 27th 2017
Do you need probate if a spouse dies in Florida if you want to sell a house now? In most cases the answer to this question is going to be no...
Should I Sell My Inherited Property?
Written by Chris Logan on October 2nd 2017
I inherited a house now what? Can I sell my inherited property? Should I sell the inherited property? 
Is Selling My Problem Rental Property The Right Move?
Written by Chris Logan on October 4th, 2017
Owning a rental property is a great investment, providing of course that everything works the way you plan for it to. Unfortunately in the real world things rarely go as planned, and what started out as a great investment may quickly turn into a major headache
How Can I Get A Quick House Sale Without Any Hassel?
Written by Chris Logan on October 9th, 2017
The most common approach is to contact a realtor,list your house, then wait for a buyer to make contact when they are interested in buying the home.
I Want To Sell My House Quickly, Are The We'll Buy Your Home Companies Credible?
Written by Chris Logan on October 11th, 2017
We'll buy your home. That's something that a lot of companies out there that pay cash for houses will tell you, but is this something you should really do?
My Property Has Liens,Can I Still Sell It?
Written by Chris Logan on October 16th, 2017
It's unfortunate that most people are unaware of the fact that selling a home with a lien isn't that problematic since this knowledge can be very beneficial.
Can You Sell Real Estate Before Probate In Florida?
Written by Chris Logan on October 18th, 2017
Can you sell a house before probate in Florida? When many people inherit a house they want to sell it quickly for a number of reasons.
Seller's Market Vs Buyer's Market. What's The Difference? 
Written by Chris Logan on October 23rd, 2017
Understanding the difference between a seller's and buyer's market is important for anyone interested in either selling or investing in real estate. 
4 Things Home Sellers Should Avoid When Selling Their House. 
Written by Chris Logan on October 25th, 2017
There are many different reasons you may be considering selling your house, and no matter what those reasons are there are things you should avoid
What Is Foreclosure And What Can I Do About It?
Written by Chris Logan on November 1st, 2017
So what exactly is a foreclosure? 
Top 5 Questions People Have When Selling A House As-is.
Written by Chris Logan on November 8th, 2017
Home sellers frequently have questions about the process of selling their home. This is perfectly understandable given the fact that the decision to sell your home is a big one. So if you are unsure about anything at all in regards to selling your house, don't be concerned that you are feeling anything out of the ordinary.
What Must I Reveal About The House On The Disclosure Statement In Florida?
Written by Chris Logan on November 15th, 2017
If you are looking to sell a home in Florida it's important that you make certain you disclose any issues that exist in the home that could have a significant impact on its value.
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